Sundridge Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades


Sundridge, Ontario


The Corporation of the Village of Sundridge Status: Ongoing Consultant: Aecom Canada Ltd.

This project consists of mechanical and electrical upgrades to the two existing pumping stations, mechanical upgrades to the existing forcemain, and swabbing of the existing forcemain. In addition to these, we are also modifying the existing lagoon site to construct a SAGR system that will allow the village to actively treat the incoming sewage before discharge into the nearby creek. This system includes an aeration system, baffle curtains, two SAGR cells, various yard piping, pumps, valves, process piping, precast manholes, and chambers as well as a new filter/blower building to house all of the aeration, chemical, and filtration components of the SAGR system along with a backup generator.