Replacement of Screeding for Screw Pump No. 4 at the Pontiac Pumping Station


Windsor, Ontario


The Corporation of the City of Windsor Status: Completed October, 2013 Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd

The project scope of work consisted of the removal of the screw pump assembly, including removal of cover, upper flange, endplate, safety screen, splash plate, lubrication lines, lower bearing, pump, grating, and installation of stop gate and lockout; removal of existing screeding with light hammer chipping; water blasting the existing concrete in trough for preparation of screeding surface; and installation of a temporary screed bar and screeding motor.

We reinstalled the lower bearing and pump assembly set to specified tolerance, applied screed mix to the trough using screed motor operation, as well as manual hand applied packing where needed when shut down, removal of screeding bar and screeding motor, and reattached the main drive motor and installed a splash plate; operated screw pump for finished run of screeding; reinstalled grating, railing, and safety screen and removed stop gate and lockout to return pump to service. All work was self-performed and completed within 30 days of notice to proceed.