Airport Road Standpipe & Booster Pumping Station


North Bay, Ontario


The Corporation of the City of North Bay Status: Completed November 2009 Consultant: UMA Engineering Ltd.

The project scope of work consisted of the construction of an 800 m2 masonry building on a concrete foundation, with a pump gallery, control room, washrooms, and an attached building segment with a generator room, chemical room, and future office space; supply and installation of HVAC, lighting, electrical distribution, and 450 kW emergency standby diesel generator; supply and installation of seven 40 HP booster pumps, two 150 HP fire pumps, chemical metering system, hydrodynamic mixing system, single girder overhead crane, four Greatario 2000 liter pressure tanks, 100mm to 500mm process piping, valves, etc.; supply and installation of MCCs, digital flow metering, PLC control panel & HMI, and radio telemetry communications; cast-in-place concrete construction heavy foundation for standpipe, 26.2 meters high and 13.7 meters in diameter with a capacity of 3,860 cubic meters; and all site works, including extensive rock blasting, excavation, yard piping, duct banks, detention pond, fencing, asphalt drive and parking area paving, chambers, manholes, utility connections, grading, and landscaping and restoration. All civil, mechanical, and electrical work was self-performed.