Alexander Drive Wastewater Pumping Station


Brantford, ON


The Corporation of the City of Brantford Status: Completed Consultant: WSP Canada Inc.

Construction works for the new waste water pumping station with the design capacity of 20 L/s was constructed in a residential park on Alexander Drive in the City of Brantford, Ontario.

To construct this project, secant caissons were installed to a depth of 11.0 meters to allow for the excavation and construction of reinforced structural concrete walls to a depth of 8.5 meters. Due to the high water table and existing soil conditions, in order to properly undertake our construction, a dewatering program was installed with the capabilities to dewater up to 3,700,000 liters per day.

The facility at grade elevation includes both a pumping station, electrical control room, and a community building. The building structure consisted primarily of reinforced concrete walls, reinforced masonry walls, coreslab roofing, and an enclosed wood truss structure.

As the main function of the new structure was to aid the community with pumping operations during high flow seasons, two 5hp raw sewage pumps and interconnecting piping were installed and subsequently brought to the nearby waste water treatment facility for processing. After successful commissioning, plant operation is controlled and monitored through the SCADA system.