Timmins Water Filtration Plant – New Sodium Hydroxide Feed System


Timmins, Ontario


Corporation of the City of Timmins Status: Completed January, 2012 Consultant: J.L. Richards & Associates Limited

The project scope of work consisted of the removal of the old alum tank, pumps, piping, and valves; installation of pre-selected liquid sodium hydroxide bulk storage wood stave tank including tank heat tracing and insulation; and the supply and installation of a new post-alkalinity liquid sodium hydroxide chemical storage/feed system including, piping, valves, chemical feed pumps, heat tracing, and insulation.

We installed preselected IPEX certified double wall containment chemical feed system and instrumentation, including leak detection system, flow meters, pH monitors and level sensors, and performed structural modifications including the demolition of existing, and installation of new, concrete and secondary containment wall, complete with membrane on the floor and walls; supply and installation of all electrical conduit, electrical elements, panels, junction boxes, controls, and power and control cables distribution; and all necessary site works. Extensive work was performed on this project, while maintaining the existing operation of the plant and all civil, mechanical, and electrical work was self-performed.