Mullet Creek Sewage Pumping Station


Brampton, Ontario


The Regional Municipality of Peel Status: Completed August 2009 Consultant: Genivar Ontario Incorporated

The project scope of work consisted of a new cast-in-place reinforced concrete pumping station and control building complete with reinforced concrete block walls with brick veneer and metal roofing; construction of 600mm diameter RCP inlet sanitary sewer, 500 meters long and 11 meters deep; construction of a cast-in-place reinforced concrete wet well and dry well with supply and installation of four 30 HP dry-pit submersible pumps, valves, piping, etc.; supply and installation of odor control equipment; supply and installation of instrumentation and controls, PLC, VFDs, MCC, SCADA system, HVAC equipment, electrical transformer, conduit, cable trays, and control/power wire and cabling, etc.; supply and installation of emergency standby diesel generator with fuel system; construction, supply and installation of vaults, duct banks, and by-pass and electrical manholes, etc.; extensive roadwork with sewers and water mains at an 11 meter cut. Our team supplied the primary electrical service along the existing road and constructed a new gravel access road and paved parking lot area. The site works included excavating, yard piping, grading, dewatering excavations, backfilling, fencing, lighting, and site security, as well as the disposal of surplus materials. All civil and mechanical work was performed by our in-house team of professionals.