Sanitary Pump Station 3 (PS3) Decommissioning


Barrie, ON


Corporation of the City of Barrie Status: Completed Consultant: GHD

Decommissioning, Salvage, Demolition and site restoration of Pump Station PS3 including but not limited to:
• Permitting and approvals.
• Decommissioning and removal of Huronia PS-3 facility and equipment.
• Decommissioning, termination and removal of pump station, and old redundant linear
forcemain components within the property limits.
• Decommissioning and termination of redundant linear forcemain components outside of
the pump station property limits, terminate forcemain connections, abandon in place, and
grout forcemain pipe.
• Disconnection and termination of existing utility services.
• Demolition of pump station facility building, structures and wet well.
• Material disposal.
• Turnover of salvaged materials to the City.
• Site Restoration