Press Release


KCL was recently the subject of media articles that mischaracterized our work providing water treatment facilities in several First Nations communities over the past few years. In spite of the unsupported allegations contained in the article by Andrew Russell, Annie Burns-Pieper and the Institute for Investigative Journalism, KCL has performed difficult work in remote communities as governed by rigorous contractual relationships with project partners, which can include First Nations communities, managing engineers, project designers, project managers, operators, maintenance technicians, suppliers and government funders.

It is clear that journalists relied on accounts from individuals that may not have a full view of the role and responsibilities of KCL as the construction contractor and those of the design engineers, operators and maintenance workers. The construction work for which KCL is responsible is always performed to the very highest quality standards. We pride ourselves in doing excellent work and public documentation, reference letters and project payment certificates can attest to this. Any suggestion otherwise is categorically false.

Our work is conducted with the utmost care according to what has been prescribed in our contracts, which are based on Engineers’ designs, detailed plans and specifications. We never walk away from our obligations. We perform the work as outlined in our contract and as such, cannot credibly answer for concerns being raised that are not part of our scope of work.

We provide a one year warranty on our construction work and always address any lingering issues or deficiencies in accordance with our contractual obligations. Inherently, all construction projects have problems and those are addressed in the scope of our work and certified by the engineer when they are satisfied with the final work. Final project payment certificates, signed by the project Engineer, confirm the terms of the contract have been met. In any project, there can be unforeseen expenses and potential delays, but these additional costs are always approved by the design Engineers based on the facts on the ground. Payments are rewarded accordingly, and only when work is completed to their satisfaction.

Even when we had successfully completed our share of the work on these projects we understand the disappointment that is felt when the project as a whole is not ultimately completed.

We have the utmost respect for the members of the communities in which we have worked and pride ourselves on the efforts we have made to foster good working relationships. Wherever possible, and often as agreed upon in our contracts, we hire local labour to work on projects and have done so successfully many times over the years.

We are not aware of any evidence of racism by KCL or any of its employees – we take any allegation of racism very seriously and have very strict policies and procedures in place to deal with any potential issue.

Gerald Landry, President of KCL has acknowledged that the use of the term ‘Native’ in recent media interviews is culturally insensitive and outdated and he has sincerely apologised for using it.

We understand many people are still without clean drinking water in our country and this is completely unacceptable. While we did our very best to help fix this problem where we could, the solutions to this problem are complex and dependent on many different factors and parties.